Tetris, who hasn't played this game?!

Chances are, if you’ve played the Tetris game at any point over the past 30 years it’s been in existence, these chores have received the benefit of your gaming experience. Called the Tetris Effect, it’s the term Tetris players use to describe how they still see Tetris pieces and are inspired by the game even after they’ve finished playing.

Much of the fun of the Tetris game is that it makes order out of chaos. It’s easy to play but difficult to master. Essentially, it keeps most of us coming back for more because it never ends and you can always improve.

There are seven Tetrimino shapes in the Tetris game and each Tetrimino is made up of four squares. Each has its own color and letter of the alphabet. It is an organization system much like we follow seven days of the week. The inherent play pattern of making order out of chaos easily translates to lifestyle interpretations - something we all seek, creating order out of our chaotic lives. For years our fans have been inspired to do just that with their own clever interpretations.

In 2011, Tetris introduced several officially licensed products outside of the electronic space. There is a never ending range of new and exciting products in development and are so glad we have joined the Tetris brand into the lifestyles of the hundreds of millions of fans and players that know and love this great brand.

If you are interested in the many possibilities the Tetris brand offers, please contact our team!

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